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Species Summary

Flamingo, Unidentified (N/A N/A)

1001625542953Blinkpan (Arnot) (Mpumalanga)30003000.003000
1001626243015Driefontein Pan: East (Mpumalanga)11.001
1001625552954Grootpan (Mpumalanga)4040.0040
1001626583250Kosi Bay Lake System (KwaZulu-Natal)125125.00125
1001626193013Lake Chrissie (Mpumalanga)300350.00400
1001626352857Leeuwpan (Mpumalanga)257728.501200
1001629141652Port Nolloth Salt Pan (Northern Cape)2727.0027
1001626213015Tweelingspan: East (Mpumalanga)300300.00300
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