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Species Summary

Teal, Eurasian (Anas crecca)

127434201908Botriviervlei: A1 Bridge to Benguela Cove (Western Cape)33.003
127433582505Gamtoos River: False Mouth (Eastern Cape)1112.00264
127432051819Jakkalsvlei (Western Cape)2626.0026
127434002456Kabeljous River Estuary (Eastern Cape)750750.00750
127434082450Krom River Mouth (Eastern Cape)219659.501100
127403124002Lake Chemchem (Kenya)11.001
127432061818Lamberts Bay: South Beach (Western Cape)5050.0050
127429171653McDougall's Bay (Northern Cape)99.009
127432361818Rocherpan (Western Cape)480480.00480
127432361817Rocherpan Marine Protected Area (Western Cape)44.004
127403094008Sabaki River Mouth (Kenya)12.674
127434052454Seekoei River Estuary (Eastern Cape)107107.00107
127432131821Wadrif Saltpan (Western Cape)250250.00250
127434071828Zandvlei: Lower Estuary (Western Cape)1010.0010
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