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Species Summary

Plover, Greater Sand (Charadrius leschenaultii)

23926352535Barberspan (North West)202202.00202   
23934211906Botriviervlei: Combined (A1,A2,B,C & D) (Western Cape)11.001   
23934242049Breede River Estuary: Mouth - Power lines (Western Cape)88.339   
23934212042Breede River Estuary: Power lines - Ronnys Wooden House (Western Cape)66.006   
23934432007De Mond Estuary (Western Cape)11.001   
23929533101Durban Bayhead NHS (KwaZulu-Natal)11.504   
23933582505Gamtoos River: False Mouth (Eastern Cape)11.252   
23934232125Goukou River: Mouth - Cobb Hole (Combined) (Western Cape)22.002   
23930342952Harding Dam (KwaZulu-Natal)1212.0012   
23932402821Kei River Estuary (Eastern Cape)11.001   
23933172729Keiskamma River Estuary (Eastern Cape)22.674   
2392594009Kensalt Saltworks, Gongoni (Kenya)130.17118   
23934032302Knysna Lagoon (Western Cape)11.001   
23934242044Koenskraal Pan (Western Cape)11.001   
23934082450Krom River Mouth (Eastern Cape)11.172   
23927033247KuMzingwane Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
2393113954Lake Jilore (Kenya)22.002   
23927213240Lake Sibaya (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
23933101806Langebaan: Central Marsh (Western Cape)3535.0035   
23933091803Langebaan: ChurchHaven - Kraalbaai (Western Cape)44.004   
23933111805Langebaan: ChurchHaven - Windmill (Western Cape)11.001   
23933091804Langebaan: Lagoon Combined (Western Cape)16.1621   
23933111803Langebaan: Schrywershoek - Klein eiland (Western Cape)33.003   
2393134007Malindi Harbour (Kenya)1258.71104   
23903193958Mida Creek (Kenya)100629.531600650325380
23928493202Richards Bay Wetlands (KwaZulu-Natal)120.2565   
2393094008Sabaki River Mouth (Kenya)249.78224   
23930112631Smithfield Dam (Free State)4040.0040   
23934431958Soetendalsvlei (Western Cape)33.003   
2392354020Tana Delta Camp River Mouth (Kenya)520.5036   
2392284021Tana River Delta - south & central (Kenya)219.3350   
23929233121Umvoti River Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
23933522538Zwartkops River Estuary (Eastern Cape)18.7747   
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