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    Botriviervlei: C Arabella Golf Estate to Rooisand (34201907)

    Western Cape

    Card 506331
    Compiler 10947
    Location code 34201907Botriviervlei: C Arabella Golf Estate to Rooisand (Western Cape)
    Start date 2017-01-14
    Season SSummer
    Start time 07:45
    End time 11:45
    Shoreline covered 80
    Openwater covered 100
    Total Species 23
    Total Count 395
    Wetland Condition 0
    Wetland Threats
    Count Condition 5Ideal
    Count Type 0
    Nil Count (No birds present) 0There were CWAC species present
    Survey notes

    Add additional observers
    Observer NumberNameOptions
    0Jurie and Cherry Rombeck

    Current data
    Ref #SpeciesCountBreeding
    4Grebe, Great Crested
    (Podiceps cristatus)
    140Possibly Breeding
    42Pelican, Great White
    (Pelecanus onocrotalus)
    47Cormorant, White-breasted
    (Phalacrocorax lucidus)
    400Probably Breeding
    50Cormorant, Reed
    (Microcarbo africanus)
    270Probably Breeding
    52Darter, African
    (Anhinga rufa)
    30Possibly Breeding
    54Heron, Grey
    (Ardea cinerea)
    50Confirmed Breeding
    55Heron, Black-headed
    (Ardea melanocephala)
    10Possibly Breeding
    81Ibis, African Sacred
    (Threskiornis aethiopicus)
    20Possibly Breeding
    84Ibis, Hadada
    (Bostrychia hagedash)
    130Possibly Breeding
    89Goose, Egyptian
    (Alopochen aegyptiaca)
    660Confirmed Breeding
    96Duck, Yellow-billed
    (Anas undulata)
    830Confirmed Breeding
    149Eagle, African Fish
    (Haliaeetus vocifer)
    30Confirmed Breeding
    210Moorhen, Common
    (Gallinula chloropus)
    20Confirmed Breeding
    212Coot, Red-knobbed
    (Fulica cristata)
    840Confirmed Breeding
    237Plover, Kittlitz's
    (Charadrius pecuarius)
    30Confirmed Breeding
    238Plover, Three-banded
    (Charadrius tricollaris)
    20Probably Breeding
    245Lapwing, Blacksmith
    (Vanellus armatus)
    40Confirmed Breeding
    287Gull, Kelp
    (Larus dominicanus)
    130Possibly Breeding
    289Gull, Hartlaub's
    (Chroicocephalus hartlaubii)
    40Possibly Breeding
    290Tern, Caspian
    (Hydroprogne caspia)
    40Possibly Breeding
    296Tern, Sandwich
    (Thalasseus sandvicensis)
    394Kingfisher, Pied
    (Ceryle rudis)
    60Confirmed Breeding
    686Wagtail, Cape
    (Motacilla capensis)
    100Confirmed Breeding

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    Department of Biological Sciences - University of Cape Town

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