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    Breyten Pan (26183000)


    Card 6755
    Compiler 2034
    Location code 26183000Breyten Pan (Mpumalanga)
    Start date 2005-07-17
    Season WWinter
    Start time 08:40:00
    End time 08:45:00
    Shoreline covered 100
    Openwater covered 100
    Total Species 2
    Total Count 3
    Wetland Condition 5Dry
    Wetland Threats
    Count Condition 4Good
    Count Type 1On foot
    Nil Count (No birds present) 0There were CWAC species present
    Notes 0
    Survey notes

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    Current data
    Ref #SpeciesCountBreeding
    245Lapwing, Blacksmith
    (Vanellus armatus)
    686Wagtail, Cape
    (Motacilla capensis)

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    Friday 02 June 2023 04:22
    FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology
    Department of Biological Sciences - University of Cape Town

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