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Dandora Ponds (01143701)


Management status LOCAL MUNICIPALITY
Conservation status PROTECTED
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The main sewage treatment ponds for Nairobi city. The ponds have long been known as an important site for waterbirds and very large numbers of terns and duck can be found there during the boreal winter.
Large rectangular oxygenation ponds with steep-sided concrete walls. Large bunds between ponds form popular roosting sites for birds.
Water quality in the ponds varies from one end to the other as the water is gradually cleaned.
Surrounded by open grasslands which are now rapidly being urbanised. Some thicket and scrub also on the Nairobi River side and riverine woodland - but again rapidly disappearing. Some hippopotamus also live in the ponds and other wildlife is known to also occur.

SppCommon nameTaxonomic nameMinAvgMaxIBASubregional
72Scopus umbretta66.006   
885Spatula querquedula108108.00108
256Calidris pugnax6767.0067  
212Coot, Red-knobbedFulica cristata8080.0080   
50Cormorant, ReedMicrocarbo africanus22.002   
203Crake, BlackZapornia flavirostra22.002
214Crane, Grey CrownedBalearica regulorum88.008   
101Duck, Fulvous WhistlingDendrocygna bicolor2626.0026   
100Duck, White-faced WhistlingDendrocygna viduata7474.0074   
96Duck, Yellow-billedAnas undulata1212.0012   
60Egret, IntermediateArdea intermedia22.002   
59Egret, LittleEgretta garzetta99.009   
61Egret, Western CattleBubulcus ibis6363.0063   
89Goose, EgyptianAlopochen aegyptiaca337337.00337   
6Grebe, LittleTachybaptus ruficollis196196.00196   
263Greenshank, CommonTringa nebularia2020.0020   
288Gull, Grey-headedChroicocephalus cirrocephalus22.002   
166Harrier, Western MarshCircus aeruginosus22.002
69Heron, Black-crowned NightNycticorax nycticorax3232.0032   
55Heron, Black-headedArdea melanocephala66.006   
54Heron, GreyArdea cinerea1616.0016   
62Heron, SquaccoArdeola ralloides1212.0012   
81Ibis, African SacredThreskiornis aethiopicus144144.00144   
83Ibis, GlossyPlegadis falcinellus2323.0023   
84Ibis, Hadada Bostrychia hagedash2020.0020   
228Jacana, AfricanActophilornis africanus88.008   
397Kingfisher, MalachiteCorythornis cristatus22.002
394Kingfisher, PiedCeryle rudis44.004
245Lapwing, BlacksmithVanellus armatus8282.0082   
1031Lapwing, Spur-wingedVanellus spinosus161161.00161
233Plover, Common RingedCharadrius hiaticula150150.00150   
238Plover, Three-bandedCharadrius tricollaris44.004   
102Pochard, SouthernNetta erythrophthalma44.004   
258Sandpiper, CommonActitis hypoleucos9696.0096  
259Sandpiper, GreenTringa ochropus1414.0014
262Sandpiper, MarshTringa stagnatilis2828.0028   
264Sandpiper, WoodTringa glareola292292.00292   
93Shoveler, NorthernSpatula clypeata22.002
270Stilt, Black-wingedHimantopus himantopus218218.00218   
253Stint, LittleCalidris minuta677677.00677   
73Stork, MarabouLeptoptilos crumenifer9494.0094   
76Stork, Yellow-billedMycteria ibis44.004   
97Teal, Red-billedAnas erythrorhyncha110110.00110   
305Tern, WhiskeredChlidonias hybrida1212.0012   
304Tern, White-wingedChlidonias leucopterus250250.00250   
274Thick-knee, WaterBurhinus vermiculatus66.006   
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