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Loch Athlone (28162819)

Free State

Authority Private
Management status UNKNOWN
Conservation status UNKNOWN
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Counts were made at this dam only from summer 1993 to winter 1994. Of the 34 waterbird species recorded, the commonest were Whitebreasted Cormorant, Cattle Egret, Yellowbilled Duck and Redknobbed Coot; of these four species, Whitebreasted Cormorant was the only one to be more numerous in winter. Reed Cormorant and Darter were more numerous in summer. Total counts declined during the survey period. Threats include sedimentation and the accumulation of pesticides and fertilizers.

SppCommon nameTaxonomic nameMinAvgMaxIBASubregional
212Coot, Red-knobbedFulica cristata1628.2545   
50Cormorant, ReedMicrocarbo africanus622.2539   
47Cormorant, White-breasted Phalacrocorax lucidus318.7552   
203Crake, BlackZapornia flavirostra11.001
214Crane, Grey CrownedBalearica regulorum11.001   
52Darter, AfricanAnhinga rufa1421.7528   
96Duck, Yellow-billedAnas undulata643.00100   
149Eagle, African FishHaliaeetus vocifer11.001
60Egret, IntermediateArdea intermedia11.001   
61Egret, Western CattleBubulcus ibis4055.0070   
89Goose, EgyptianAlopochen aegyptiaca16.0010   
88Goose, Spur-wingedPlectropterus gambensis12.675   
6Grebe, LittleTachybaptus ruficollis16.0010   
167Harrier, African MarshCircus ranivorus11.001
55Heron, Black-headedArdea melanocephala29.0015   
56Heron, GoliathArdea goliath11.672   
54Heron, GreyArdea cinerea11.502   
62Heron, SquaccoArdeola ralloides11.502   
81Ibis, African SacredThreskiornis aethiopicus13.005   
83Ibis, GlossyPlegadis falcinellus33.003   
84Ibis, Hadada Bostrychia hagedash44.004   
395Kingfisher, GiantMegaceryle maxima22.002
245Lapwing, BlacksmithVanellus armatus22.002   
509Martin, Brown-throatedRiparia paludicola11.001
210Moorhen, CommonGallinula chloropus13.256   
238Plover, Three-bandedCharadrius tricollaris11.001   
102Pochard, SouthernNetta erythrophthalma44.004   
94Shoveler, CapeSpatula smithii22.002   
250Snipe, AfricanGallinago nigripennis12.003   
270Stilt, Black-wingedHimantopus himantopus11.001   
208Swamphen, AfricanPorphyrio madagascariensis11.673  
99Teal, Blue-billedSpatula hottentota24.006   
97Teal, Red-billedAnas erythrorhyncha22.002   
305Tern, WhiskeredChlidonias hybrida17.5014   
686Wagtail, CapeMotacilla capensis11.001
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