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Dassen Island (33251805)

Western Cape

CWAC status Monthly
Authority CapeNature
Management status Provincial Nature Rserve (Reserve boundary extends 500m seaward of the highwater mark).
Conservation status PROTECTED
IBA information SA109
Ramsar information Site # 2383
Heritage information N/A
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Counts are tide dependant and normally start about 2 hours before low tide
Mixed - sandy/pebble beaches, rocky shores
Counts are tide dependant and normally start about 2 hours before low tide
The site is an important Bird Area providing habitat for significant numbers of sesbird and shorebird species, including 10 of the 15 seabirds endemic to Southern Africa, and numerous Palearctic and Sub-Antarctic migrants. It provides safe breeding refuge for threatend species such as the African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus) and Cape Cormorants (Phalacrocorax capensis), and other coastal birds. It is one of only two breeding sites of the Great White Pelican in South Africa, Birds seen around the island include (but not limited to) Bank Cormorant, African Black Oystercatcher, Plovers, Black-browed Albatross, Sooty Shearwater, Crowned Cormorant, Great White Pelican, Kelp Gull, Swift Tern, Hartlaub's Gull and Cape Gannet.

SppCommon nameTaxonomic nameMinAvgMaxIBASubregional
255Calidris alba1850.6384   
49Cormorant, BankPhalacrocorax neglectus4778.33101 90 
48Cormorant, CapePhalacrocorax capensis3531834.448906550027503000
51Cormorant, CrownedMicrocarbo coronatus205346.89544532685
47Cormorant, White-breasted Phalacrocorax lucidus1837.8966   
59Egret, LittleEgretta garzetta03.098   
44Gannet, CapeMorus capensis11.001
266Godwit, Bar-tailedLimosa lapponica11.001   
89Goose, EgyptianAlopochen aegyptiaca154396.43911   
263Greenshank, CommonTringa nebularia11.001   
288Gull, Grey-headedChroicocephalus cirrocephalus11.753   
289Gull, Hartlaub'sChroicocephalus hartlaubii146921.002579250125300
287Gull, KelpLarus dominicanus100645.201141300150700
69Heron, Black-crowned NightNycticorax nycticorax12.435   
55Heron, Black-headedArdea melanocephala12.636   
54Heron, GreyArdea cinerea01.332   
81Ibis, African SacredThreskiornis aethiopicus2150.93263   
84Ibis, Hadada Bostrychia hagedash15.3612   
245Lapwing, BlacksmithVanellus armatus612.3621   
231Oystercatcher, AfricanHaematopus moquini165325.86493482455
42Pelican, Great WhitePelecanus onocrotalus10217.44392  300
2Penguin, AfricanSpheniscus demersus125349.89942
233Plover, Common RingedCharadrius hiaticula33.003   
241Plover, GreyPluvialis squatarola13.505   
237Plover, Kittlitz'sCharadrius pecuarius520.1437   
235Plover, White-frontedCharadrius marginatus3695.36123   
251Sandpiper, CurlewCalidris ferruginea11.502  
292Tern, AntarcticSterna vittata0142.753627035122
291Tern, CommonSterna hirundo24222.40704   
298Tern, Greater CrestedThalasseus bergii98283.14637500250200
296Tern, SandwichThalasseus sandvicensis675.78297   
232Turnstone, RuddyArenaria interpres456.00113   
10008Wader, UnidentifiedN/A N/A11.001
686Wagtail, CapeMotacilla capensis102122.78137
268Whimbrel, Eurasian Numenius phaeopus11.182   
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