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Theewaterskloof Dam (34021913)

Western Cape

Authority Private
Management status STATE IMPOUNDMENT
Conservation status UNPROTECTED
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Large dam; some fringing marshy vegetation; some habitat for shorebirds at low water levels. Globally significant numbers of Darter, and nationally significant numbers of African Spoonbill and Egyptian Goose, recorded. Spurwinged Goose, Redknobbed Coot and Blacksmith Plover normally more numerous in summer, Redbilled Teal and Southern Pochard in winter; Yellowbilled Duck common all year. Good numbers of Purple Heron and African Black Duck. Dead trees in dam are falling down, resulting in fewer nesting sites for cormorants, herons, egrets, African Spoonbill and Sacred Ibis: all these species commoner in summer, but counts of some are declining. Total count and biomass declining in summer, when counts of species such as Egyptian Goose and Blacksmith Plover are falling. Recreational activities are an important threat; pollution by domestic sewage and solid waste is a mild threat.

SppCommon nameTaxonomic nameMinAvgMaxIBASubregional
1016Anas platyrhynchos12.254
72Scopus umbretta11.333   
256Calidris pugnax33.003  
269Avocet, PiedRecurvirostra avosetta44.505   
212Coot, Red-knobbedFulica cristata10115.43497   
50Cormorant, ReedMicrocarbo africanus3143.291171   
47Cormorant, White-breasted Phalacrocorax lucidus1241.71135  130
203Crake, BlackZapornia flavirostra11.502
216Crane, BlueGrus paradisea13.005   
52Darter, AfricanAnhinga rufa794.89553500250 
95Duck, African BlackAnas sparsa110.0031   
10006Duck, DomesticAnas platyrhynchos12.254
103Duck, MaccoaOxyura maccoa11.332   
10014Duck, UnidentifiedN/A N/A12.005
104Duck, White-backedThalassornis leuconotus12.003   
100Duck, White-faced WhistlingDendrocygna viduata11.752   
96Duck, Yellow-billedAnas undulata21185.00714   
149Eagle, African FishHaliaeetus vocifer12.795
58Egret, GreatArdea alba22.002   
60Egret, IntermediateArdea intermedia15.5920   
59Egret, LittleEgretta garzetta112.7677   
61Egret, Western CattleBubulcus ibis186.24523   
10004Goose, DomesticAnser anser13.437
89Goose, EgyptianAlopochen aegyptiaca1611593.947338350017503200
88Goose, Spur-wingedPlectropterus gambensis257.94190   
4Grebe, Great CrestedPodiceps cristatus13.1015   
6Grebe, LittleTachybaptus ruficollis15.7625   
263Greenshank, CommonTringa nebularia11.332   
288Gull, Grey-headedChroicocephalus cirrocephalus236.9091   
289Gull, Hartlaub'sChroicocephalus hartlaubii237.3387   
287Gull, KelpLarus dominicanus220.8861   
167Harrier, African MarshCircus ranivorus11.382
69Heron, Black-crowned NightNycticorax nycticorax17.9127   
55Heron, Black-headedArdea melanocephala13.0010   
54Heron, GreyArdea cinerea17.1229   
57Heron, PurpleArdea purpurea13.8019   
81Ibis, African SacredThreskiornis aethiopicus214.7278   
83Ibis, GlossyPlegadis falcinellus11.001   
84Ibis, Hadada Bostrychia hagedash142.14124   
395Kingfisher, GiantMegaceryle maxima12.567
397Kingfisher, MalachiteCorythornis cristatus11.172
394Kingfisher, PiedCeryle rudis13.7913
245Lapwing, BlacksmithVanellus armatus232.34100   
509Martin, Brown-throatedRiparia paludicola11.001
210Moorhen, CommonGallinula chloropus11.934   
172Osprey, WesternPandion haliaetus12.507
42Pelican, Great WhitePelecanus onocrotalus11.001   
233Plover, Common RingedCharadrius hiaticula33.003   
237Plover, Kittlitz'sCharadrius pecuarius117.1462   
238Plover, Three-bandedCharadrius tricollaris14.3510   
102Pochard, SouthernNetta erythrophthalma224.33114   
258Sandpiper, CommonActitis hypoleucos13.6810  
251Sandpiper, CurlewCalidris ferruginea11.001  
262Sandpiper, MarshTringa stagnatilis11.001   
90Shelduck, South AfricanTadorna cana12.679   
94Shoveler, CapeSpatula smithii19.6551   
250Snipe, AfricanGallinago nigripennis55.005   
85Spoonbill, AfricanPlatalea alba120.71114 75 
253Stint, LittleCalidris minuta334.1793   
79Stork, BlackCiconia nigra11.001   
97Teal, Red-billedAnas erythrorhyncha232.97156   
290Tern, CaspianHydroprogne caspia22.002   
305Tern, WhiskeredChlidonias hybrida22.002   
304Tern, White-wingedChlidonias leucopterus11.001   
274Thick-knee, WaterBurhinus vermiculatus14.5013   
10008Wader, UnidentifiedN/A N/A313.3330
686Wagtail, CapeMotacilla capensis424.5758
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