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Species Summary

Duck, Hybrid (Anas hybrid)

1000525582804Beaulieu Bird Sanctuary (Gauteng)13.005
1000532471809Berg River 1: Mouth & Estuary (Western Cape)16.7117
1000532471811Berg River 3: Hotel Mudflats & Estuary (Western Cape)55.506
1000526072815Blaauwpan (Gauteng)11.332
1000526072816Bonaero Park Pan (Gauteng)11.001
1000534201908Botriviervlei: A1 Bridge to Benguela Cove (Western Cape)11.001
1000534211906Botriviervlei: Combined (A1,A2,B,C & D) (Western Cape)12.005
1000534242049Breede River Estuary: Mouth - Power lines (Western Cape)11.001
1000525542842Bronkhorstspruit Dam (Gauteng)24.006
1000534061849Dick Dent Bird Sanctuary (Western Cape)12.003
1000525572800Diepsloot Nature Reserve (Gauteng)11.001
1000533211846Driefontein Farm Dam (Western Cape)11.001
1000533381843Droevlei (Western Cape)33.003
1000534222100Duiwenhoks River: Mouth - Mazapa (Western Cape)33.003
1000525592827Elandsvlei 414 (Gauteng)11.001
1000534212125Goukou River: Mouth - Melkhoutfontein (Western Cape)11.001
1000534072207Hartenbos Estuary (Western Cape)67.008
1000533502225Herold Farm: Dam 2 (Western Cape)11.672
1000534022324Keurbooms River Estuary (Western Cape)33.003
1000534052208Klein Brak Estuary: Mouth - N2 Bridge (Western Cape)11.001
1000534251921Kleinriviersvlei (Klein River Estuary) (Western Cape)11.001
1000533261910Kluitjieskraal Wetland (Western Cape)11.502
1000534032302Knysna Lagoon (Western Cape)44.004
1000534042302Knysna Sewage Works (Western Cape)11.001
1000534081959Loch Lotus Dams (Western Cape)11.001
1000534041845Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works (Western Cape)11.001
1000533441828Melkbos Pan (Western Cape)11.001
1000525062855Mkhombo Dam (Mpumalanga)11.001
1000534072206Mossel Bay Sewage Works (Western Cape)12.003
1000533401858Noord Agter Paarl Irrigation Dam (Western Cape)12.003
1000529483100Northern Treatment Works (KwaZulu-Natal)22.002
1000533411858Paarl Bird Sanctuary (Western Cape)11.502
1000526092816Parkhaven Pan: South (Gauteng)22.002
1000533561828Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary: Pans (Western Cape)11.001
1000533181845Radyn Dam (Western Cape)11.001
1000533521830Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: Combined (Western Cape)22.002
1000534041830Rondevlei Nature Reserve: Block 12 (Western Cape)11.001
1000525382821Roodeplaat Dam (Gauteng)12.334
1000526072819Sandpan (Gauteng)1216.5021
1000524362924Sterkloop Wetlands (Limpopo)11.001
1000534232124Stilbaai Sewage Works (Western Cape)11.001
1000534051830Strandfontein Sewage Works: Central (Western Cape)11.001
1000534051831Strandfontein Sewage Works: Combined (Western Cape)11.001
1000534041831Strandfontein Sewage Works: North (Western Cape)11.001
1000526552816Vaal Dam: East (Free State)23.004
1000526542808Vaal Dam: West (Free State)1010.0010
1000526442749Vaal River - Stonehaven to Loch Vaal (Gauteng)11.001
1000534251910Vermont Salt Pan (Western Cape)11.001
1000534162149Voelvlei (Western Cape)37.3311
1000526192828Vogelstruisbult Dam (Gauteng)11.001
1000534081821Wildevoelvlei (Western Cape)13.209
1000525532918Witbank Dam (Mpumalanga)23.005
1000534071828Zandvlei: Lower Estuary (Western Cape)210.6730
1000534061829Zandvlei: Marina Da Gama (Western Cape)5050.0050
1000534061828Zandvlei: Upper Estuary (Western Cape)28.7523
1000534071827Zandvlei: Westlake Wetlands (Western Cape)13.005
1000533522538Zwartkops River Estuary (Eastern Cape)11.001
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