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Species Summary

Teal, Eurasian (Anas crecca)

127434201908Botriviervlei: A1 Bridge to Benguela Cove (Western Cape)33.003
127433582505Gamtoos River: False Mouth (Eastern Cape)1112.00264
127432051819Jakkalsvlei (Western Cape)2626.0026
127434002456Kabeljous River Estuary (Eastern Cape)750750.00750
127434082450Krom River Mouth (Eastern Cape)219659.501100
127403124002Lake Chemchem (Kenya)11.001
127432061818Lamberts Bay: South Beach (Western Cape)5050.0050
127429171653McDougall's Bay (Northern Cape)99.009
127432361818Rocherpan (Western Cape)480480.00480
127432361817Rocherpan Marine Protected Area (Western Cape)44.004
127403094008Sabaki River Mouth (Kenya)12.674
127434052454Seekoei River Estuary (Eastern Cape)107107.00107
127434071828Zandvlei: Lower Estuary (Western Cape)1010.0010
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