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Species Summary

Harrier, Black (Circus maurus)

16932531819Berg River 10: Kersefontein Floodplain (Western Cape)22.002
16932511814Berg River 12: Melkplaas Floodplain (Western Cape)11.332
16932481813Berg River 13: Springersbaai Floodplain (Western Cape)12.504
16932471811Berg River 3: Hotel Mudflats & Estuary (Western Cape)11.502
16932481812Berg River 5: De Plaat (Western Cape)11.001
16932501812Berg River 6: Kliphoek Saltpans (Western Cape)11.001
16932521815Berg River 8: Kruispad Floodplain (Western Cape)11.001
16932521817Berg River 9: Langrietvlei Floodplain (Western Cape)11.001
16934201908Botriviervlei: A1 Bridge to Benguela Cove (Western Cape)11.172
16934211907Botriviervlei: A2 Fisherhaven to Benguela Cove (Western Cape)11.001
16934201907Botriviervlei: C Arabella Golf Estate to Rooisand (Western Cape)11.001
16934211906Botriviervlei: Combined (A1,A2,B,C & D) (Western Cape)22.002
16934221905Botriviervlei: D Rooisand area (Western Cape)11.001
16934352021De Hoop Coastal (Western Cape)22.002
16934262023De Hoop Vlei (Western Cape)11.001
16934442004De Mond Coastal (Western Cape)11.001
16934432007De Mond Estuary (Western Cape)11.332
16933582505Gamtoos River: False Mouth (Eastern Cape)11.001
16934212153Gouritz River: Mouth - Low-water bridge (Western Cape)11.001
16933452140Gouritz River: Vaalhoek (Western Cape)11.001
16933292707Great Fish River Estuary (Eastern Cape)11.502
16926162830Grootvaly on Blesbok (Gauteng)11.001
16929152941Hlatikulu Valley (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001
16933261910Kluitjieskraal Wetland (Western Cape)11.001
16929462653Knellpoort Dam (Free State)11.001
16934242044Koenskraal Pan (Western Cape)11.001
16934082450Krom River Mouth (Eastern Cape)11.001
16933091803Langebaan: ChurchHaven - Kraalbaai (Western Cape)11.502
16933111805Langebaan: ChurchHaven - Windmill (Western Cape)11.001
16933111807Langebaan: Geelbek Oos (Western Cape)11.502
16933121805Langebaan: Geelbek Wes (Western Cape)11.332
16933071803Langebaan: Japan se klip - Bottelary (Western Cape)11.584
16933091804Langebaan: Lagoon Combined (Western Cape)11.573
16932442607Malangskraal Dam (Eastern Cape)11.502
16928482738Mpet. Con. Estate: Coot Dam (Free State)11.001
16928482739Mpet. Con. Estate: Nippas & Georges Ponds (Free State)11.001
16934371948Nuwejaars River Wetland - Moddervlei (Western Cape)11.001
16934112201PetroSA Dams (Western Cape)11.001
16934451937Quoin Point Coastal (Western Cape)11.001
16933181845Radyn Dam (Western Cape)11.001
16928462606Skoppan (Free State)11.001
16934431958Soetendalsvlei (Western Cape)23.505
16929062437Springbokkamp Wetland (Northern Cape)11.001
16927042816Vaal Dam: South (Free State)11.001
16934162149Voelvlei (Western Cape)22.002
16933221903Voelvlei Dam (Western Cape)11.001
16934251918Walker Bay Coastal (Western Cape)22.002
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