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Species Summary

Plover, Lesser Sand (Charadrius mongolus)

23434432007De Mond Estuary (Western Cape)33.003   
23433582505Gamtoos River: False Mouth (Eastern Cape)11.001   
23434042257Goukamma River Mouth: Mouth - Reserve boundary (Western Cape)11.001   
23434232125Goukou River: Mouth - Cobb Hole (Combined) (Western Cape)44.004   
23402594009Kensalt Saltworks (Kenya)113.2030   
23434082450Krom River Mouth (Eastern Cape)11.503   
23433111807Langebaan: Geelbek Oos (Western Cape)22.002   
23433091804Langebaan: Lagoon Combined (Western Cape)17.3819   
23403134007Malindi Harbour (Kenya)631.6789   
23403193958Mida Creek (Kenya)74623.7615002501251250
23434072206Mossel Bay Sewage Works (Western Cape)55.005   
23428493202Richards Bay Wetlands (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
23433332701Riet River Bay (Kleinemonde Point-Riet Point) (Eastern Cape)11.001   
23403094008Sabaki River Mouth (Kenya)1196.13807250125 
23434052454Seekoei River Estuary (Eastern Cape)11.001   
23402354020Tana Delta Camp River Mouth (Kenya)55.005   
23430573017Trafalgar Marine Reserve (KwaZulu-Natal)22.002   
23429233121Umvoti River Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
23433522538Zwartkops River Estuary (Eastern Cape)11.001   
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