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Species Summary

Godwit, Black-tailed (Limosa limosa)

26526352535Barberspan (North West)11.673 
26532471811Berg River 3: Hotel Mudflats & Estuary (Western Cape)11.001 
26532481811Berg River 4: Hotel Saltpans (Western Cape)22.503 
26527542447Ganspan: B (Northern Cape)12.335 
26533172729Keiskamma River Estuary (Eastern Cape)11.001 
26533091804Langebaan: Lagoon Combined (Western Cape)11.001 
26526212830Marievale Bird Sanctuary: Area A (Gauteng)11.502 
26526212831Marievale Bird Sanctuary: Area B (Gauteng)33.003 
26503193958Mida Creek (Kenya)11.001 
26526182812Rondebult Bird Sanctuary (Gauteng)11.001 
26528042433Spitskop Dam (Northern Cape)114.5028 
26526242828Stan Madden Bird Sanctuary (Gauteng)11.001 
26534051830Strandfontein Sewage Works: Central (Western Cape)33.003 
26534061832Strandfontein Sewage Works: Southeast (Western Cape)11.001 
26529233121Umvoti River Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001 
26525202728Vaalkop Dam (North West)44.004 
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