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Species Summary

Tern, Little (Sternula albifrons)

29933502533Bar None Saltpan (Eastern Cape)111.1756   
29932521819Berg River 11: Doornfontein Floodplain (Western Cape)11.502   
29932511814Berg River 12: Melkplaas Floodplain (Western Cape)12.504   
29932481810Berg River 2: Cerebos Saltpans (Western Cape)222.5057   
29932471811Berg River 3: Hotel Mudflats & Estuary (Western Cape)11.001   
29932481811Berg River 4: Hotel Saltpans (Western Cape)16.8022   
29932481812Berg River 5: De Plaat (Western Cape)11.403   
29932501812Berg River 6: Kliphoek Saltpans (Western Cape)1010.0010   
29932491813Berg River 7: Kliphoek River & Floodplain (Western Cape)11.001   
29932521815Berg River 8: Kruispad Floodplain (Western Cape)22.002   
29934211906Botriviervlei: Combined (A1,A2,B,C & D) (Western Cape)11.001   
29934242049Breede River Estuary: Mouth - Power lines (Western Cape)28.5015   
29927523236Cape Vidal to Sodwana Bay (KwaZulu-Natal)116.3346   
29933512535Chatty Saltpans (Eastern Cape)131.62179   
29934442004De Mond Coastal (Western Cape)60006000.0060001000500490
29934432007De Mond Estuary (Western Cape)114.2260   
29933531829Diep River Estuary: Woodbridge - Mouth (Western Cape)11.001   
29934222100Duiwenhoks River: Mouth - Mazapa (Western Cape)39.0015   
29929533101Durban Bayhead NHS (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
29934051846Eerste River Estuary (Western Cape)11.001   
29933582505Gamtoos River: False Mouth (Eastern Cape)118.5083   
29933582502Gamtoos River: Mouth - 6km upstream (Eastern Cape)18.0029   
29933321819Ganzekraal NR Coastal Strip (Western Cape)66.006   
29934042257Goukamma River Mouth: Mouth - Reserve boundary (Western Cape)55.005   
29934212125Goukou River: Mouth - Melkhoutfontein (Western Cape)2020.0020   
29934212153Gouritz River: Mouth - Low-water bridge (Western Cape)128.5056   
29934042214Great Brak River Estuary (Western Cape)27.0011   
29933292707Great Fish River Estuary (Eastern Cape)513.9253   
29934072207Hartenbos Estuary (Western Cape)515.0025   
29928033217Hluhluwe Floodplain (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
29930563019Kaba Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)33.003   
29934002456Kabeljous River Estuary (Eastern Cape)153.19200   
29932402821Kei River Estuary (Eastern Cape)337.7883   
29933172729Keiskamma River Estuary (Eastern Cape)326.9461   
29933322721Kleinemonde West River: Mouth - 4km upstream (Eastern Cape)112.4045   
29926583250Kosi Bay Lake System (KwaZulu-Natal)50187.00420   
29934082450Krom River Mouth (Eastern Cape)121.1087   
29927023247KuShengeza Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)5252.0052   
29927393238Lake Bhangazi: North (KwaZulu-Natal)44.004   
29928083232Lake Bhangazi: South (KwaZulu-Natal)22.002   
29928213209Lake Eteza (KwaZulu-Natal)416.3337   
29928253215Lake Mfutululu (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
29927213240Lake Sibaya (KwaZulu-Natal)139.56117   
29928043227Lake St Lucia (KwaZulu-Natal)3171.75816 500490
29933091803Langebaan: ChurchHaven - Kraalbaai (Western Cape)15.3321   
29933111805Langebaan: ChurchHaven - Windmill (Western Cape)28.0023   
29933071803Langebaan: Japan se klip - Bottelary (Western Cape)17.3835   
29933091804Langebaan: Lagoon Combined (Western Cape)19.5364   
29925202830Leeuwfontein Drainage (Gauteng)2121.0021   
29926583253Maputaland Coast (KwaZulu-Natal)793793.00793 500490
29932581753Mauritz Bay Tern Roost (Western Cape)11.001   
29928303212Mavuya Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)34.005   
29930543020Mbizana Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)412.0020   
29929173117Mbozambo Waste Water Lagoon (KwaZulu-Natal)44.004   
29928243225Mfolozi Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)1248.90931 500490
29928573147Mlalazi River Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)327.0051   
29930563018Mpenjati River Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)217.7350   
29931043011Mtamvuna Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)412.5021   
29927243237Muzi Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)126.20118   
29927393224Neshe Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)217.0030   
29929483100Northern Treatment Works (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
29927403219Nsumo Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)310.0021   
29928381628Orange River: Mouth - Bridge (Northern Cape)11.001   
29933502535Redhouse Saltpan (Eastern Cape)126.4074   
29928493202Richards Bay Wetlands (KwaZulu-Natal)16216.92700 500490
29933332701Riet River Bay (Kleinemonde Point-Riet Point) (Eastern Cape)17.6017   
29930523020Sam Lameer Estate (KwaZulu-Natal)55.005   
29931023013Sandlundlu Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)58.0011   
29934052454Seekoei River Estuary (Eastern Cape)128.52127   
29927303241Sodwana Bay to Island Rock (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
29932482711Sodwana to Lala Nek (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
29928473203Thulazihleka Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)16.8312   
29930573017Trafalgar Marine Reserve (KwaZulu-Natal)912.4021   
29929133128Tugela River Mouth (KwaZulu-Natal)40380.00800 500490
29933112735Tyolomnqa River Estuary (Eastern Cape)13.007   
29929493102Umgeni River Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)138.73270   
29930563017Umhlangankulu Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)511.0017   
29929233121Umvoti River Estuary (KwaZulu-Natal)1236.0010001000500490
29926032822Varkfontein Pan (Gauteng)22.002   
29934251918Walker Bay Coastal (Western Cape)1313.0013   
29927393226Yengweni Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)14.4012   
29933522538Zwartkops River Estuary (Eastern Cape)476.42155   
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