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Species Summary

Cormorant, Crowned (Microcarbo coronatus)

5132511814Berg River 12: Melkplaas Floodplain (Western Cape)11.001   
5132471809Berg River 1: Mouth & Estuary (Western Cape)110.78735326 
5132481810Berg River 2: Cerebos Saltpans (Western Cape)124.40535326 
5132471811Berg River 3: Hotel Mudflats & Estuary (Western Cape)13.5010   
5132481811Berg River 4: Hotel Saltpans (Western Cape)321.0039 26 
5132481812Berg River 5: De Plaat (Western Cape)22.002   
5132491813Berg River 7: Kliphoek River & Floodplain (Western Cape)25.008   
5134221907Botriviervlei: B Fisherhaven to Meerensee (Western Cape)12.004   
5134211905Botriviervlei: E (Kleinmond River Estuary) (Western Cape)15.009   
5132481751Cape Columbine Tern Roost (Western Cape)3636.0036 26 
5133251805Dassen Island (Western Cape)205342.60544532685
5134211855Dawidskraal Tern Roost (Western Cape)11.001   
5134262023De Hoop Vlei (Western Cape)1520.3323   
5134442004De Mond Coastal (Western Cape)106106.00106532685
5134432007De Mond Estuary (Western Cape)111.1050 26 
5133531830Diep River Estuary: R27 bridge - Woodbridge (Western Cape)11.001   
5133531829Diep River Estuary: Woodbridge - Mouth (Western Cape)1515.0015   
5134051846Eerste River Estuary (Western Cape)25.7821   
5133321819Ganzekraal NR Coastal Strip (Western Cape)116.12190532685
5134212153Gouritz River: Mouth - Low-water bridge (Western Cape)66.006   
5127363217iDiza Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)22.002   
5132402821Kei River Estuary (Eastern Cape)44.004   
5133322721Kleinemonde West River: Mouth - 4km upstream (Eastern Cape)22.002   
5134032302Knysna Lagoon (Western Cape)22.002   
5127152741Koppies Dam (Free State)11.001   
5132041818Lamberts Bay: Bird Island (Western Cape)118.65655326 
5132031818Lamberts Bay: North Beach (Western Cape)27.5635 26 
5132061818Lamberts Bay: South Beach (Western Cape)534.23145532685
5133121806Langebaan: Caspian Island (Western Cape)462.00167532685
5133101806Langebaan: Central Marsh (Western Cape)33.003   
5133091803Langebaan: ChurchHaven - Kraalbaai (Western Cape)333.95775326 
5133111805Langebaan: ChurchHaven - Windmill (Western Cape)121.00585326 
5133071803Langebaan: Japan se klip - Bottelary (Western Cape)1022.0034 26 
5133091804Langebaan: Lagoon Combined (Western Cape)134.10142532685
5133101805Langebaan: North Marsh (Western Cape)14.9235 26 
5133111803Langebaan: Schrywershoek - Klein eiland (Western Cape)33.003   
5133111806Langebaan: South Marsh (Western Cape)17.0014   
5126412753Leeukuil Dam (Gauteng)1717.0017   
5129171653McDougall's Bay (Northern Cape)961.87185532685
5134011844Meerlust Dam (Western Cape)11.001   
5133291818Mud River Mouth (Western Cape)19.3022   
5127393224Neshe Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)17.5014   
5127403226nTshanetshe Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001   
5131421812Olifants River Mouth: South Bank (Western Cape)1212.0012   
5128381628Orange River: Mouth - Bridge (Northern Cape)11.001   
5133411858Paarl Bird Sanctuary (Western Cape)1818.0018   
5134001830Philippi Wetlands: Ottery Rd A (Western Cape)1616.0016   
5123512927Polokwane (Pietersburg) Bird Sanctuary (Limpopo)44.004   
5134451937Quoin Point Coastal (Western Cape)219.63565326 
5133561829Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary: Canal and River (Western Cape)11.001   
5133511828Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: North Vlei (Western Cape)44.004   
5134051830Strandfontein Sewage Works: Central (Western Cape)22.002   
5134061831Strandfontein Sewage Works: Southwest (Western Cape)11.001   
5126442749Vaal River - Stonehaven to Loch Vaal (Gauteng)2020.0020   
5132201825Verlorenvlei (Western Cape)11.001   
5134412012Waenhuiskrans Coastal (Western Cape)137.80102532685
5134251918Walker Bay Coastal (Western Cape)11.502   
5127393226Yengweni Pan (KwaZulu-Natal)1414.0014   
5134071828Zandvlei: Lower Estuary (Western Cape)11.001   
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